Our emphasis in the nursery is placed on the child's physical needs, such as feeding and diapering, as well as interpersonal interaction. Our teachers foster cognitive and emotional development for babies by holding them, singing to them and rocking them throughout the day. These early interactions with the caregiver builds a sense of security so the baby feels confident about exploring the world through:

  • Language (babbling)

  • Gross and fine motor skills (holding a bottle independently and walking)

  • Tummy time

  • Reading time

  • Spanish numbers and alphabet

  • Basic sign language


Parents are a child's first teacher, and our staff will work closely with you to make this transition—for both baby and parents—a smooth one. Combining all this while abiding to the state's required teacher-to-child ratios yield the kind of infant child care environment where children learn best and flourish.



The waddler program focuses on language development and listening skills that include colors, words, shapes, animals, transportation, community helpers, and manners.


They also begin letter, color, and number recognition by simple counting 1 to 10, Bible songs and Bible stories. We introduce potty training at this time. We encourage independence through socializing and eating. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through coloring, art, and play. They are also taught Spanish letters, numbers and colors alongside the A beka curriculum.




This program they learn language development and listening skills that include colors, words, shapes, animals, transportation, community helpers, manners, and walking in a line. We emphasis letters, colors, number recognition and simple counting 1 to 25, Bible stories, songs, and verses. They are taught Spanish alongside the A beka curriculum and holidays.


They are encouraged to use their imagination in play and language. Their social and motor skills continue to increase with play and interaction. Along with parental guidance, we conquer potty training to move up to K3. We also do potty training boot camps.


K-3 & K-4


The K-3 and K-4 readiness program teaches children to read through phonics instruction with one-and two-vowel words in small readers. Children learn number concepts 1 to 20 and counting from 1 to 50. The curriculum includes Bible, art, music, poetry, and language development activities.


We have reading and math groups. We use the modern manuscript writing. They are introduced to blends and constant vowel constant words and start writing words.

All children must be fully toilet trained before entering the K-3 class.




The Kindergarten program they will learn reading skills using an intensive phonics approach. With this intensive phonics approach, students are able to begin reading actual words very early. In Science, kindergartners learn about God's plan for seeds, animals, the seashore, health, weather, and season.


In Social Studies, students learn about community helpers and simple safety rules, beginnings of American history, and children of 10 different countries including simple geography.


Numbers Time in kindertarten emphasizes the basics in counting, number recognition, and number concepts up to 100. Simple combinations are easily learned as well as money value, telling time, number words, and number sequence.


The kindergarten Handwriting book is correlated with the basic phonics program to help students learn and review phonics as they practice correct letter formation.


Our program also includes lessons and activities in Fine Art. Art experiences include cutting, pasting, coloring, tracing, drawing, and working with various textures.


Opportunities for acting out drama and nursery rhymes are featured during the Activity Time. Character training is one of the supreme goals of Christian education




This program allows students attending public school in our vicinity, Kindergarten to 5 grade, a safe & fun place to be, before and after school, during the week and on various holidays that the public schools are closed. Students work on homework and school projects and are given assistance when needed. They also have recreational activities each day.

We provide care during school breaks (Summer, Fall, Spring, Christmas) and have a bus stop for Kempsville Elementary and Point O’ View Elementary.

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