All families must complete an enrollment application in order for a child to attend TwoTen Day School. All classroom assignments are made in the order in which the application and registration is received.



The following information must be on file in the school office:

  • Child’s name, address, home phone, gender, date of birth

  • Child’s social security number and a copy of child’s birth certificate

  • Child’s immunization record and physical

  • Parents/Guardians name, home address, home and cell phone number

  • Parents/Guardians social security number, name of employer including address and phone number

  • Name and phone number of at least two additional persons to be notified in the event parent/guardian can’t be reached in an emergency

  • Name and phone number of primary care physician

  • Completed record of allergies (if any) and requirements for health and maintenance

  • Documentation of custody/guardianship

  • A written plan for child’s special requirements must be clearly defined

  • Designation of at least two persons other than the parent/guardian to whom the child may be released

  • Children are not permitted to attend school until all components of the enrollment package are on file.

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