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Rather than pulling your child out of care early to get off to dance class, or rushing to soccer after dinner, let your child enjoy these extracurriculars at school!

The Starz Program is an outside company that provides fitness-based enrichment classes on-site at schools and child care centers—making it easy for busy families to help their children develop the skills they need to get moving and stay active! Please contact us to inquire about the fees for the following::

Kids Playing Soccer


Learn a new sport each month with our skill-based, non-competitive, co-ed sports program. Children of all skill levels will improve their individual abilities while developing team work and spirit. The Starz Program sports class is perfect for children that want to explore different sports while gaining skills, building athletic ability, and having fun! Our sports class provides a nurturing environment and utilizes safe, age appropriate equipment. T-Ball, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, and more are covered in this class. 


Sports Class Requirements for Boys and Girls 

  • Sneakers

  • Movable clothing (no jeans or dresses please) 

  • Hair pulled back



Students will learn standing cheers, floor chants, various cheer stances ranging from ready position, high and low V, victory motions, and more! Starz cheer class incorporates cheer, dance, and gymnastics! It is perfect for children that want a solid foundation in cheer, while improving balance, coordination, and having fun! In addition, our cheer class provides a nurturing and comfortable environment. Watch your cheerleader SHINE in our annual end of the year Dance and Cheer Recital! 


Cheer Class Requirements: 

  • Comfortable, moveable clothing

  • Sneakers

  • Poms poms (blue & white — purchased through Starz)

Young Ballet Class


Our co-ed dance class encompasses ballet and jazz skills. It provides students with coordination, balance, rhythm building skills and more. Dancers will love learning the universal language of dance and its terminology. The Starz Program dance class is perfect for children that are creative, curious, and love moving to music! Our dance class provides a nurturing environment and utilizes age appropriate music. Students' flexibility, self-esteem, and confidence will soar! 


Dance Class Requirements for Girls: 

  • Leotard and ballet shoes (any color)—black leotard and pink shoes are preferred

  • Tights (optional)—pink preferred

  • Hair pulled back

Please have hair pulled back and tights on (if you wish to wear) under school clothes when you bring your child to school. Their teacher will finish putting their dance clothes on before their dance class and change them back into school clothes after their dance class. 

Dance Class Requirements for Boys: 

  • T-shirt or tank top

  • Sweat pants or shorts (No jeans on dance day please) 

  • Black ballet or jazz shoes

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